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A selection of different E-Liquids


We stock over 300 brands of different e-liquids in a range of bases, nicotine strengths and flavours. Whether you are after a tobacco high strength or even an e-liquid with no nicotine there will be an option for you.There are different bases in available, so pick the one which is ideal for you tank to get the best experience, need help? Just send us an email. 

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View our vast range of ecig kits, tanks, box mods and coils at the best prices on genuine stock in the UK.

We source overstocks and clearance lots to be able to do our unbeatable prices.

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Nicotine Shots

Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots are used to fill short fill e-liquids, just pop one in a 50ml short fill and shake, then your good to go. They can also be used to make your own e-liquids, and come in a selection of mg's and bases so that you get the perfect blend.

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Different brands of flavour concentrates

Flavour Concentrates

Flavour Concentrates are the flavouring side of the e-liquid, we have over 2000 different flavours from a wide selection of brands and as you can see many have pictured labels to make them look more attractive.

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A selection of cheap E-Liquids

Our cheap eliquids

Our cheap e liquid is available at such a fantastic price because we're either holding too much stock or the cheap e-liquid is past its best before date. We also get overstock lots to sell at the cheapest prices

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