E-Liquid is made from four main ingredients, these are

Vegetable Glycerine

Propylene Glycol

Flavour Concentrates


Some companies also add distilled water.

Choosing a flavour is just like choosing food that you like. Its all personal preference, a lot of customers start on tobacco or mint flavoured eliquids & move onto fruit, drinks or dessert flavours.

1). TRIAL - Make a list of flavours that you like and dislike in food, you can rule out a lot of flavours this way, then try some that you think you may like. Its really trial and error.

2). CHECK FOR QUALITY – you will find that you prefer certain brands over others, the quality is the same in all liquids, all e-liquids are made from the same bases (except nicotine) just different flavourings, however some companies are better at putting flavours together in e-liquids than others, so price isn’t an issue when looking for quality.

3). KEEP A FAVOURITE IN STOCK – once you know a few that you like its always worth keeping two or three of your favourite vapes in stock, then your not stuck with something you don’t like.

4). REVIEWS – When buying a new e-liquid its always worth either looking at reviews on a website or looking on Youtube, everyone has different tastes so this will give a good idea if its worth buying or not.

It all depends on the device and coils that you are using:-

For devices a rough nicotine guide below

Sub Ohm Tanks use 0mg – 6mg

Small Tanks use 0mg to 20mg

Pod Devices use 0mg – 20mg

Going by coils a rough guide below

0.8ohm – 3ohm 0mg- 20mg

0.5ohm – 0.8 ohm 0mg - 12mg

0.2ohm – 0.5 ohm 0mg – 6mg

0 ohm to 0.2ohm use 0mg - 3mg

This is a rough guide, if you feel dizzy or find when you are vaping that its harsh on your throat you are best lowering the mg of nicotine you are using.

Tanks have come on a long way since the start and it can be confusing what to go for, if you originally only had a few cigarettes a day your best going for a lower mg of nicotine.

Advice is free so just get in touch if your not sure what you need.

There are a few different ways to add nicotine shots to your eliquids

1). If the bottle has a solid drip tip you will need to remove the drip tip without breaking the tip off, just grab a piece of cloth, put it over the drip tip and use a pear of pliers and carefully apply pressure and pull, these can be awkward to get off but can be done, then simply add the nicotine shot/s and shake the bottle for 15-20 seconds to its well mixed in and then your good to go

2). Some Bottle have a screw out middle tip, take that out and the rest is the same as above

3). Rainbowvapes bottles, super easy these as they have screw on tops, just undo the top add your shot/s and shake as above and your done

4). A little tip, if using a full nicotine shot it is a lot easier to take out the tip of the shot with a pair of pliers, then just pour in, saves aching hands.

5). Always make sure a tip is pushed in properly and don't squeeze a bottle too hard when filling a tank as tips can pop out.

When your starting out you have a lot of things to consider one of them is the base of the liquid you are using.

1). If you have a small tank (1-3ohm coil) the best base to use would be the 40vg 60pg range, the liquid is a lot thinner, adding a thicker liquid can make the taste disapear as well as burn your coil out quicker.

2). A medium sized tank (using coils 0.5ohm – 1ohm) a base that is 60vg, 40pg and depending on the tank up to 80vg 20pg

3). Any tank with coils that are 0.1-0.5 ohm work best with the high vg liquids, 70vg upwards would be recommended

This is just a guide, if you are not sure just send us an email about your tank and we will give you a a good idea where to start. 

The shelf life varies from country to country and whether there is nicotine in the e-liquid or not, a few pointers.

1). The vast majority of manufacturers give 2 years from the date produced.

2). Some companies in the USA don’t give a best before date (BB) on shortfill eliquids as pg in an e-liquid acts like a preservative, so they don’t really go off. They sometimes just add a manufacture date (MFG)

3). Tpd e-liquids that contain nicotine tend to have 2 years, after this time the nicotine can loose some of its strength (mg), depending on the flavour the nicotine can affect the way the liquid tastes as well.

4). If buying anything past the best before dates buying shortfills is the best option as a there are less variables to deteriorate over time. 

We have well over 200 brands of e-liquids, a list of the full range can be seen here.

1). We buy from around 20 wholesale sites and know the best price for each brand of e-liquid.

2). We add a small margin onto our prices.

3). We buy over stocks and past best before e-liquids for our clearance section to be able to do such great prices

4). Some ranges cost a lot less so are sold at a lower price.

All e-liquids come with nicotine shots for free, below is the amount you get.

50ml - one free nicotine shot

80ml, 100ml two free nicotine shots

If you want extra nicotine shots they are available here.

So what problems occur with e-liquids

Why is an E-liquid harsh

-The nicotine is too strong

-There is too much pg in the eliquid for the tank been used

-The flavour is a harsh flavouring

Why Can’t I taste the flavour in my e-liquid

-The vg base is too high for the tank being used.

-Everyone has different taste buds and can pick up some flavours more than others.

-Higher content nicotine can affect the taste.

My Bottle of e-liquid is leaking

-Just get in touch, send it back and we will refund your postage cost & if we have another in stock we will send another out.

I don’t like my e-liquid

-Unfortunately we don’t refund e-liquids on taste as we don’t offer a taste and return service, if it is our own e-liquids will will try one from the last batch to make sure it tastes how it should.

I feel dizzy or sick

-If you feel dizzy its more than likely the nicotine, using too high a content can make your head spin

-If you feel sick stop using the e-liquid, some people are allergic to pg that is in e-liquid, some flavours do contain allergens so be careful on the flavour you choose, an example is some citrus type and cola flavourings used in e-liquid can contain limonene.

-Its worth getting in touch with a doctor before using e-liquid and if you get any bad reactions see the doctor straight away

Why Do I have 18mg Nicotine Shots when I ordered 3mg

-In a 60ml bottle you have 50ml of liquid already, when adding the nicotine it is a 6th of the mix, so the nicotine is diluted to 3mg. Very easy just divide the 18/6=3, the same principle works for other sized bottles. 

1). Nicotine can turn a liquid darker over time

2). Flavour concentrates come in different colours

3). Dyes may have been added to the e-liquid.

Sub ohm tanks will work perfectly with 70vg 30pg e-liquids as well as 80vg 20pg e-juices.

There are a few reasons why e liquid can taste burnt

1). Change Coil, all coils have a lifespan, some coils last a few days and some can last a few weeks, it all depends on the tank the coils come from. The solution is to replace the coil

2). The wattage is too high, having the wattage too high will burn the eliquid, turn the wattage down & try again.

3). Your tank is empty, this is an obvious one, we have all done it and got that burnt taste because of not filling the tank.

4). Wrong base, if you add a high vg eliquid into a tank that is designed for a high pg eliquid you will find that it may taste burnt.

5). Re-coil, if you build your own coils a poor build may stop the cotton absorbing the liquid, in this case build another coil.

Flavour Concentrates & One shots

We have all the best brands of flavour concentrates available, the best selling brands are

The Flavors Apprentice


Flavor West


Rainbowvapes Intense

If you need any advice on the best flavourings to use just get in touch and we will try our best to help.

Flavour concentrates are flavourings that are used in e-liquid, however these have been around a long time before e-liquids came to market, the vast majority of flavours were originally created for the food & drink market.

Companies such as Capella originally manufactured flavourings for hot drinks, adding a few drops to change the flavour.

In e-liquids just one flavour can be used to create a strawberry liquid, or if you want to get more creative you could add kiwi to the strawberry and perhaps some koolada to make it icy as well.

The vast majority are artificial flavours but some are natural and some are a mix of both, some natural flavours can separate from the liquid and float on top, this often tends to be citrus type flavours like lime, lemon, orange & cola.

A one shot is a mixture of flavour concentrates that is created so that the flavourings part of an e-liquid is already made, you just need to add vg, pg and nicotine if desired.

There are a number of ways to do this

1). Use a small amount of sweetener flavours, using too much will ruin a mix so try really small amounts at the start, even as little as 0.1%

2). Marshmallow and Cotton Candy work as sweeteners, this gives a slightly different taste to straight sweeteners.

3) Strawberry, if using as strong flavour strawberry works really well as a sweetener, its tends to be masked by stronger flavours but the sweetness comes through and creates a smoother vape.

Flavour concentrates are manufactured this way, some will have added dyes and some are because of the chemicals used to create the flavour, natural flavours can be a similar colour to the fruit the flavour is based on.

There are a few reasons why you can’t taste flavour concentrates

1). Your taste buds don’t pick up that type of flavour

2). Adding too little flavouring will create an e-liquid with a very mild flavouring.

3). Adding too much can destroy your taste buds, you will taste it at the start then your taste buds become imune to the flavouring very quickly.

4). Some flavours just aren’t very strong and need to be mixed with other flavours to add a slight difference to a recipe.

5). Vapers Tongue, you have vaped too much and you mouth needs a rest, using mint flavours can help with this, also making sure that you don’t use a tank that spits e-liquid when vaping.

6). Trying a pure flavouring before trying the mix will ruin your taste buds for that flavour.

Manufacturers often have suggested best before dates on bottles, some companies give 2 years and some give 3 years, some companies say they don’t really expire at all, the flavour just changes slightly in taste as they get older and the colour of the flavouring can get darker.

The vast majority of flavourings are pg based, Propylene Glycol acts like a preservative which helps the flavour to last a lot longer.

Just a few tips

1). Keep out of sunlight

2). Keep in a cool place

3). Make sure the lid is kept on the bottle once used to stop air circulating.

4). Glass bottles can help keep to make the flavour last longer, however just use caps and not a glass dropper as the rubber in the dropper can react with the flavouring.

-We give a minimum of three months on full price flavour concentrates.