Rainbowvapes Cloud Chaser E-Liquids

At Rainbowvapes we pride ourselves in bringing the best flavours at the best prices, theses e liquids come in a 80vg 20pg ratio, which makes them ideal for sub ohm tanks. In the early days of trying other vendors e-juices I was shocked with how many didn't taste of much, or just tasted bad, but there are good ones out there as well, this is why we started making good eliquids.

Whether you are after trying a strawberry or my current favourite pomberry, we have a large selection of flavours available, what we do is make sure that there is plenty of flavour in every vape.

We have seen other companies copying our best flavours, the main is red berry blast which is one of our best selling, the minted version sells better still, but as far as we know, no one has managed to recreate our raspberry coconut vanilla juice which is a fantastic tasting flavour, which was thought of by my brother Paul after a night out getting pissed on cocktails at Hull.