What is eliquid made from?

E-Liquid is made from four main ingredients, these are

What flavour eliquid should I choose?

Choosing a flavour is just like choosing food that you like. Its all personal preference, a lot of customers start on tobacco or mint flavoured eliquids & move onto fruit, drinks or dessert flavours.

What strength of nicotine do I need?

It all depends on the device and coils that you are using:-

For devices a rough nicotine guide below

Sub Ohm Tanks use 0mg – 6mg

Small Tanks use 0mg to 20mg

Pod Devices use 0mg – 20mg

Going by coils a rough guide below

0.8ohm – 3ohm 0mg- 20mg

0.5ohm – 0.8 ohm 0mg - 12mg

0.2ohm – 0.5 ohm 0mg – 6mg

0 ohm to 0.2ohm use 0mg - 3mg

This is a rough guide, if you feel dizzy or find when you are vaping that its harsh on your throat you are best lowering the mg of nicotine you are using.

Tanks have come on a long way since the start and it can be confusing what to go for, if you originally only had a few cigarettes a day your best going for a lower mg of nicotine.

Advice is free so just get in touch if your not sure what you need.

How to add nicotine shots to shortfill eliquids?

There are a few different ways to add nicotine shots to your eliquids

What base do I need in my e-liquid?

When your starting out you have a lot of things to consider one of them is the base of the liquid you are using.

This is just a guide, if you are not sure just send us an email about your tank and we will give you a a good idea where to start. 

What is the shelf life of eliquid?

The shelf life varies from country to country and whether there is nicotine in the e-liquid or not, a few pointers.

What e-liquid brands do you offer?

We have well over 200 brands of e-liquids, a list of the full range can be seen

How we do eliquids at such a cheap price?

How many free nicotine shots do I get?

All e-liquids come with nicotine shots for free, below is the amount you get.

50ml - one free nicotine shot

80ml, 100ml two free nicotine shots

If you want extra nicotine shots they are available here.

Common problems with eliquid

So what problems occur with e-liquids?
Why Can’t I taste the flavour in my e-liquid
My Bottle of e-liquid is leaking
I don’t like my e-liquid
I feel dizzy or sick
Why Do I have 18mg Nicotine Shots when I ordered 3mg

Why are e-liquids different colours

Which E-Liquid do I need for sub ohm tanks?

Sub ohm tanks will work perfectly with 70vg 30pg e-liquids as well as 80vg 20pg e-juices.

5 Reasons Why my e liquid tastes burnt

There are a few reasons why e liquid can taste burnt

At Rainbowvapes we bring a large selection of branded eliquids from around the world.  All e-liquids that we sell come with nicotine shot/s for free, one free shot for a 50ml & 2 on 100ml bottles.


The higher price is the RRP for each e-liquid, so you are able to see how cheap we actually are. The RRP price doesn't include what you would pay for nicotine shots which we include for free. So come and grab a bargain.

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