August 25, 2019 2 min read

A recent survey conducted by Yorkshire Cancer Research has illustrated that there are still misconceptions amongst the British public about nicotine replacement aids, such as vaping with e-liquid. The charity issued a survey to 1,156 former smokers and 844 current smokers in order to better understand their approaches and attitudes to giving up smoking. Amongst those still using cigarettes, the researchers discovered that 2 in 3 individuals had tried unsuccessfully to quit, often attempting to do so multiple times over the years.

The most effective choice

“Vaping is a great tool to help people quit – and it’s 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes."
Dr Kathryn Scott, chief executive at Yorkshire Cancer Research

Interestingly, the results of Yorkshire Cancer Research's study showed that 10% of former smokers had finally kicked their damaging habit by switching to vaping. Nevertheless, the responses also indicated that 25% of smokers were reluctant to try vaping as an alternative due to the mistaken belief that vaping is just as harmful as traditional cigarettes. In fact, vaping is not only a healthier choice but also offers significant financial savings. In general, participants in the survey who switched to vaping from cigarettes ended up saving over £338 a year. With Rainbow Vapes eliquid, however, your cost-cutting could be even more effective with our insanely steep discounts and unbeatably cheapeliquid prices.

Exceptional range and prices

These unmatched savings are particularly relevant as many smokers – 43% in the
Cheap e-liquid UK save £338 per year
study – cite monetary concerns as the primary reason why they want to quit their expensive smoking habit. As smokers tend to be more successful at giving up
cigarettes if they get help and use an aid, such as a nicotine replacement tool, vaping is the ideal solution to give up smoking and immediately save money. At Rainbow Vapes, we offer the cheapest eliquid in the UK and Europe while also stocking a wide array of flavours. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for our Banoffee Pie Cloud Chaser Eliquid or pick up our Blackcurrant Lemonade Cloud Chaser Eliquid if you want something more refreshing. Whatever your taste and budget, Rainbow Vapes offer an ejuice concentrate to suit every customer's preferences.

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