Flavour Concentrates

What are flavour concentrates

What brands of flavour concentrates are the best?

We have all the best brands of flavour concentrates available, the best selling brands are

If you need any advice on the best flavourings to use just get in touch and we will try our best to help.

What is a one shot?

A one shot is a mixture of flavour concentrates that is created so that the flavourings part of an e-liquid is already made, you just need to add vg, pg and nicotine if desired.

How do I make my eliquid sweeter?

There are a number of ways to do this

Why are some flavour concentrates different colours?

Flavour concentrates are manufactured this way, some will have added dyes and some are because of the chemicals used to create the flavour, natural flavours can be a similar colour to the fruit the flavour is based on.

Why can't I taste the flavour concentrate?

There are a few reasons why you can’t taste flavour concentrates

What is the shelf life of flavour concentrates?

Manufacturers often have suggested best before dates on bottles, some companies give 2 years and some give 3 years, some companies say they don’t really expire at all, the flavour just changes slightly in taste as they get older and the colour of the flavouring can get darker.

The vast majority of flavourings are pg based, Propylene Glycol acts like a preservative which helps the flavour to last a lot longer.

Just a few tips

-We give a minimum of three months on full price flavour concentrates.