60ml Cloud Chaser E-Liquid Buy x 2 Bottles (free post)

60ml Cloud Chaser E-liquid Quick Buy x 2 Bottles (no postage charge)

Buy 2 60ml bottles of Eliquid for the great price of £17.99

Step 1: Choose nicotine strength on first dropdown for your first Eliquid
Step 2: Choose the flavour on second dropdown for your first Eliquid
Step 3: Choose nicotine strength on third dropdown for your second Eliquid.
Step 4: Choose the flavour on the fourth dropdown for your second Eliquid.

  • Bottle Size: 60ml
  • Liquid Content: 60ml (Including Nicotine Shots)
  • Base: 80vg/20pg
  • Includes a free Nicotine Shot

What you get

The 0mg is ready to go, 60ml bottle full

The 3mg comes as 50ml of Eliquid and a 10ml Nicotine shot - 60ml bottle

The 6mg comes as 40ml with 2 nicotine shots - 60ml bottle

The 12mg comes as 20ml with 4 nicotine shots -60ml bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
simon shepherd
Could be amazing... Could.

So I've bought a few times of the cloudchaser Ribs and half the time it's amazing.. I mean on another level good. But then you re buy and you get something so weak in flavour and taste its not worth smoking.. I don't get it. Surely your recipe is consistent? Who knows but for sure it's definitely inconsistent! As it sits my latest 2 60ml bottles are sitting on the shelf destined for the bin. Honestly really poor, smell and taste just not there. Also a bottle of the Blueberry from my previous order joins it. Money wasted. Rainbowvapes is a great site and I really rate it... But this just puts me right off. Sorry I really didn't want to bash what could be something so good.

Kevin Burrows
Raspberry coconut vanilla

Bit disappointed with this one as just a strong, chemical raspberry taste with very little coconut and non existant vanilla!

Nuria Zorrilla
To me, they are the best

i swapped smoking for vaping over a year ago, i have bought numerous bottles of juice and spent loads of money in the way, until I found rainbowvapes....i buy their own brand cloud chasers in different flavours and I can't praise them enough, they sre everything I was looking for in vaping , great flavour, massive clouds and a good throat hit, the only thing i regret, is no finding them earlier as i would of save so much money and disappointment