E-Cigarettes - Taking the Media by Storm

August 25, 2019 2 min read

Lately there have been a lot of press as regards e-cigarettes that use e-liquid, and with the change of advertising laws, e-cigarettes are now allowed to be advertised on television showing people using the devices. This is both good and bad, it does mean encouragement of brands that potentially can be of poorer production than good quality genuine branded e-cigarettes and e-liquids such as Kangertech. On the flipside it does bring more awareness to the alternative of traditional cigarettes, cigars and tobacco in general that contain harmful substances such as tar and other chemicals.

The beauty of the e-cigarette is that you are still getting your nicotine hit, the additive substance that makes you ‘Want to smoke’ therefore you are not going through the symptoms of cold turkey such as sweating, irritability and dry mouth sensations. You also get the ‘catch on the back of the throat associated with a real cigarette, in fact it is so real the majority of people end up preferring an e-cigarette to a traditional one! With an e-cigarette you can use in public places as well as indoors (where permissible.) and of course won’t suffer the ‘breath of an ashtray’ syndrome. Did we also mention it can save you a lot of money too as a cheaper alternative?

Opting for a good quality e-cigarette and supporting e-liquids is a must and with a genuine brand such Kangertech E-cigarettes and e-liquids you can choose which flavour is suited to you, whether you just want the traditional tobacco flavour to something a little more exotic such as black cherry, in fact there are literally dozens of e-liquid flavours to choose from. As well as the flavour, vapers, (The buzzword for people who use e-cigarettes, due to the fact vapour is produced as opposed to smoke), can choose which strength they prefer from 24mg right down to 0mg (zero nicotine), which is a great way of weaning yourself off the additive nature of nicotine or simply maintaining your current intake. So for a healthier and less restrictive way of getting your kick, Kangertech e-cigarettes are the way to go.

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