January 12, 2022 2 min read

Fake Elf Bar 1500 Lux

Fake flavours were

Pink Lemonade

Strawberry Ice Cream


Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

Pineapple Peach Mango

Apple Peach

Blue Razz Lemonade


We recently we ended up with some fake Elf Bars, over 6 years of selling vaping products we have never wanted to sell fake products. But got caught out this time. We have taken all the fakes off the website and won't be doing this range again. It is just the ELF BAR 1500 LUX range we have found to be fake.

Anyone that has had one has been refunded as we only want to sell genuine products and appoligize if you had got one of these.

It was brought to our attention by a customer , so we investigated and found a lot of differences with the real and fake devices.

The real one is the grape, you will find that the text is smaller on the fake devices.

fake and real elf bar

On the boxes of the fakes they seem to be missing (most fasionable design) on the box, we also noticed there are no best before dates on the fake boxes. Looks like the fakes and the real ones both can't spell superior. :)

Fake and real elf bar comparison text

The codes on the Elf Bar should have a gold foil finish, on the fakes they are grey as thou they are just a copy of the sticker, check the code and the fakes have thousands of scans.

fake elf bar security codes

The logo and the Lux1500 are different sizes, we also noticed on some of the fakes there was colour bleed in the print.

fake elf bar logos

Its hard to see by the image, but the fake elf bars have a slightly big hold in the tip of the device.

fake elf bar tips compared to genuine

We have noticed that the blue light on the genuine ones seems to be close to the airhole at the bottom, on the fakes it seems further back towards the middle of the device.

When have a vape on the device the fakes are more restrictive, the weird thing is the flavours taste about the same as the geniune flavours, I didn't notice any difference.

The fake elf bar is to the right, quite a bit of difference in design inside.

opening fake and real elf bar

The fake is on the right, different battery inside.

elf bar real and fake insides

The fake battery is 3.7Wh, the real is 3.15Wh aslo a different colour.

elf bar batteries fake and real

The tank that holds the eliquid looked the same, but I would expect the battery to be of a poorer quality. Just looking again and the light is in the centre and the real one to the side. So a good thing to look for.

We do appoligize again to anyone who recieved these and have refunded anyone who has bought from the 14th December to the 7th of January.

We will discontinue selling the Elf Bar 1500 LUX range because of this, just selling off the last few genuine ones, then we will just sell the plain 1500 to avoid problems in the future. We will also be checking stock as it comes in as we are known for our honesty and integrity, we would never knowingly sell counterfeit products. Or similar. 

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