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How to Inhale Vape the Right Way

Vaping is now a popular and better alternative to lighting up combustible cigarettes. Besides, vaporisers are way much cheaper than smoking.

You get to enjoy a good throat hit, good vapour, and hand-to-mouth action. This makes it easy for a lot of people to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

More so, unlike smoking cigarettes which uses a single inhalation technique, there are different methods of inhalation when it comes to vape devices, and you get to enjoy the good flavour and vapour produced.

However, as a new vaper, the way you inhale can either make or break the experience. If you inhale incorrectly, you may suffer an unpleasant rush of nicotine or cough.

That’s why our team of experts at “rainbowvapes” has decided to guide you on how to inhale vape correctly.

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Now let’s continue…

Basically, there are two types of inhalation techniques:

  • Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping

  • Direct-to-lung (DL) vaping

Relax, we are going to explain what these words mean so you understand when they are used in reference to vape gear.

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping

The mouth-to-lung inhalation technique involves drawing vapour into your mouth, holding it for a few seconds, and inhaling it into your lungs. You can then exhale after vapour is in the lungs.

The vaporisers designed for this technique usually have a tighter draw that is intended to assume the normal draw of a regular cigarette. These devices use less power, and they are more common in the market, especially in the vape pen category.

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If you want to quit smoking using vape devices, you will feel more comfortable using the mouth-to-lung inhalation style. You tend to enjoy a better throat hit that staves off that craving for cigarettes.

Pros of Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

There are many advantages you stand to enjoy with the mouth-to-lung inhalation technique, including:

  • MTL is more effective to quit smoking

  • It uses less e-liquid, thereby helping you save more

  • It has better flavour concentration and promises longer vape sessions

  • It utilizes lower temperature since it relies on less power to heat vape juices

Cons of Mouth-to-lung Vaping

Here are the disadvantages of using the MTL inhalation technique:

  • MTL vaping is less intense and appealing compared to the direct-to-lung inhalation technique

  • It is a bit passé when compared with the superior technology of sub-ohm devices

Direct-to-lung Inhalation technique

You probably have seen this inhalation technique in many vape ad posters. It involves taking a quick draw of vapour through your mouth and directly into your lungs. No momentary hold of vapour in the mouth and the vapour is exhaled almost immediately.

The DTL style is mostly ideal for bigger vapes with low resistance coils. When you take a drag on these devices, you get the feeling like you’re sucking air through a milkshake straw.

More so, DTL draws are often used with low or zero nicotine and they make the most vapor while being smooth and easy.

Most devices that allow DTL inhalation style tend to be sub-ohm devices and a select number of box mods and pod mods. These devices tend to come with airflow control to manage how much vapour you get.

Pros of Direct-to-lung inhalation technique

Direct-to-lung style has been used widely recently. And that’s because of the following advantages:

  • DTL e-cigs use e-liquids containing more VG than PG and this supports an excellent cloud formation

  • It is more appealing due to advancement in technology

  • DTL vaporisers use e-liquids with low nicotine concentration

Cons of Direct-to-lung inhalation technique

The disadvantages you should consider before using the DTL technique include:

  • You would need more bottles of e-liquid when sub-ohming, making it heavier on your pocket.

  • It tends to mute flavours since VG does not carry much flavor like PG.

Some vape users find it hard to figure out the best draw for their vape, and you may fall in this category too. Well, in this case, the nicotine content is the best gauge for how to inhale it, especially when used with devices that have adjustable airflow.

As a rule of thumb, higher nicotine strengths (12 mg – 60 mg) work best for MTL inhalation technique, and low nicotine strengths (0 mg – 6 mg) work best for the DTL. Nicotine strengths in the medium range (6 mg- 12 mg) can work perfectly well for both types of inhaling. However, note that 6 mg is the endpoint for DTL.

Final Remark

When you draw from your device, always wait for about 30 seconds to feel the effect. Note that the time it takes for the effect to be felt vary. As a newbie, you may find the sensation different from anything you’ve ever experienced. But don’t worry, it will diminish with time.

Usually, vapers take between 3 to 7 draws per session, with breaks taken between each draws. However, you can adjust the number of draws you take according to your personal preference. And don’t forget to always take suitable breaks between sessions.

Once you finish a vaping session, ensure you store your vape pen safely, and replace or charge the battery if necessary.

Lastly, note that you need the best vaping hardware and e-juices to get the best experience. We’ve done good research through the entire market and put together the best brands and products. Check them out here.

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