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Sub-Ohm Vaping Explained

The world of vaping is filled with some terms and phrases that may not be immediately clear to you, especially as a new vaper. One of the common phrases you might have seen or heard is “sub-ohm vaping.”

If you don’t understand that phrase, you don’t have to worry, we shall be explaining it in simple words for you to have a full grasp of it. More so, we would be telling you why the phrase “sub-ohm vape” is important in vaping.

What is sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping simply means vaping with a device that makes use of coils with a resistance of less than one ohm- 1.0 Ω and below (also called below ohm).

Many of the vape devices available today have a resistance that ranges from 1.5 to 3 ohms, and this is known as “above ohm.” In these cases of vape devices having coil resistance above 1.0 ohm, it is said to be on the higher side.

Little wonder many of the regular vaporisers and coils are described as high-resistance devices/coils.

However, sub ohms are low-resistance devices and their coils offer reduced resistance when current is passed through them. This is the origin of the term “sub-ohm.”

Using thick wires helps to lower resistance because the large surface area allows more current to flow.

Sub-ohm devices are used with thicker juices that contain a high VG (vegetable glycerine) content. These e-liquids are called sub-ohm e-liquids and they only work with low-resistance devices or tanks.

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What are the benefits of sub-ohming?

You may ask, “What do I stand to gain using a sub-ohm device?” Well, there are many benefits to sub-ohming that make it a popular method among vapers. These benefits include:

Smooth vape

Sub-ohming gives you a chance to get a smoother vape experience. The reliance on VG e-liquid and the low-nicotine juice makes sub-ohming a great vape technique.

The low-nicotine e-liquids used by sub-ohm devices prevent a harsh throat hit. The sub-ohm devices are powerful and using anything above 6mg/mL would produce a bad experience for you.

Large clouds

If you are a cloud chaser, then sub-ohming is a great option for you. This technique produces a high quantity of vapour and it makes your vaping much fun.

Rich flavor

Sub-ohm juices contain more VG, which supports a rich flavor as you inhale large quantities of vapour. However, VG may not be a good carrier of flavor like PG, but you’ll surely get a burst of flavour with sub-ohm devices. The coils can vaporise lots of juices at once, producing much vapour and flavour.

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What are the factors that can affect your sub-ohm experience?

Some factors determine how much you get from your sub-ohm vaping. These factors include:

Coil resistance

Coils that have large surface conduct more electricity due to their low resistance. If you use thinner coils, the effect will be the opposite. And that’s simply because resistance and wattage output are inversely proportional.


This has to do with the power being produced. A higher wattage will cause the sub-ohm device to produce more heat, thereby producing more vapour and intense flavour.

But note that high wattage would make you spend a little bit more as e-liquids tend to burn faster with heat production.

Battery voltage

The voltage generated by your vape battery also matters in sub-ohm vaping. The higher the voltage generated by the battery, the higher the wattage.

Final Remark

Sub-ohm vaping is now a popular method among vape users. You get to enjoy loads of fun with huge clouds and immense flavor.

Sub-ohm e-liquids also come in zero-nicotine variants. This is available either as shortfills or in the standard 10ml sub-ohm bottles. So if you prefer a nicotine-free vape, you can always get it without any compromise in e-liquid flavor. In fact, these juices tend to be more flavourful.

However, it is important to acknowledge that sub-ohming has some drawbacks. It requires a bit of experience before you jump into it. And that’s simply because sub-ohm devices are more powerful than your ordinary vaporiser.

More so, you may have to spend a little more with this technique due to the high consumption of e-juice to produce big clouds.

There you have it- the meaning of sub-ohm vaping, the benefits and factors surrounding efficient vaping with this technique. So answer for yourself, “Is sub-ohm vaping right for you?”

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