####E-Cigs Can Help You To Make A Positive Change In Your Life

August 25, 2019 3 min read

There has been a lot of discussion and debate over e-cigs in recent times, with many people wondering how healthy and effective an alternative to cigarettes they can actually be. It is clear that there is a need to develop an alternative to cigarettes, as the impact that smoking has on people’s lives is huge. The development and commercial breakthrough of e-cigs probably represents the biggest step towards significantly reducing the number of smokers.

Given the negative impact that smoking has on people’s health, it is understandable that the health benefits of switching to e-cigs are the most commonly cited factors in people changing their behaviour. When you smoke a standard cigarette, you come into contact with over 4,000 chemicals and around 50 of these chemicals are known to be carcinogens, which cause cancer. Being able to receive nicotine without exposing your body to these carcinogens is a massive step forward with respect to health, and this is why e-cigs are a popular choice amongst an increasing number of smokers.

While the health benefits of switching to e-cigs will always be at the forefront of why vaping is a positive step for many people, there are plenty of other factors involved too. Given the current economic climate, many people place financial factors at the top of their list of priorities and e-cigarettes can provide you with an advantage compared to how much you spend on cigarettes.

Cigarettes are addictive and people need support when looking to stop smoking

Again, the fact that cigarettes and the nicotine contained within them have an addictive quality means that it is not just a case of quitting smoking. The cost implications of smoking is a major factor in the desire of people who wish to stop smoking but the fact that so many people struggle to stop smoking shows how addictive cigarettes really are. The fact that people who are struggling financially are still unable to stop smoking indicates that there is a serious need to help people move away from traditional cigarettes.

E-cigs provide an opportunity for people to stop smoking, and it can provide a more affordable way to do so. This means that not only will people receive a health boost and benefit; they have a financial incentive to make the change. This provides two people with two strong reasons to move away from cigarettes, which increases the likelihood of change occurring. With studies indicating that e-cigarettes are also less addictive than normal cigarettes, there is likely to be a long-term process where a smoker can wean themselves off cigarettes onto e-cigarettes and then off e-cigarettes entirely. Providing people with a tangible plan towards stopping smoking is a great way to develop confidence and offer hope for people looking to make changes in their life.

Vaping provides a lot of support for people looking to stop smoking

E-cigs also provide assistance in all of the other factors that may convince a person to keep smoking. There are many reasons or excuse people provide when asked why they continue to smoke even though they know the harm of smoking. For some people, smoking fulfils a social function, creating an opportunity to engage with others. Vaping can fulfil this need in a cheaper and safer way, helping people to make the switch.

There is also the fact that the design and style of an e-cigarette provides people with something to do with their hands. Many smokers have tried using nicotine patches or gum to stop smoking and while these solutions assisted in dealing with the cravings, many users felt awkward or at a loose end because they weren’t holding something with their hands. After smoking for a considerable period of time, reaching for a cigarette becomes an instinctive reaction. Being able to reach for an e-cig provides a better solution for people affected in this manner.

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