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About Capella

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Capella's Head Quarters
Based in California in the USA

As many of you know Capella is one of the largest brands of flavourings that are used in the creation of eliquids. They first started out in 2005 with flavour drops that were used in tea & coffee. By 2008 six flavours had been created, these could be added to food as well as the hot beverages. Since then Capella has come a long way forward, now they have over 150 flavourings in their range. 

What are Capella Flavours?

Capella flavourings are highly concentrated flavours which are water soluble, these can be used in food, drink and as you guessed e-liquids. 

Aiming at creating a high quality product Capella has managed to create there range with no preservatives, sugar or syrups.

As mentioned in the image there are no fats, sweeteners or even calories, all products have been tested in 3rd party laboratories.

How are Capella flavourings used in E-liquid?

As mentioned these can be used in food, but we aren't going to talk so much about that, what we are interested in is how they can be used in an e-liquid. 

As a single flavour, these can be mixed anywhere between 5-15% on there own depending on which is used, some are stronger than others, however if you are mixing with other flavourings the percentage needed can be dropped. Adding Super sweet to sweeten your e-liquid can be as little as 0.1%, if you like them really sweet you can always add more.

Not all Eliquid recipes will work, some creations will be thrown in the bin as we have found out, getting the perfect balance when blending flavours together is the hard part.

This is where we will mention food, its always good to see what food combinations work, as a lot of the time that is what works the best in E-Liquids.

To get the best idea of which are the most popular flavours, just have a look at our reviews, there are many good comments that contain recipes and which flavours work best together. Products with a lot of reviews show which are the most popular.

Why is Rainbowvapes selling Capella Flavor Drops?

Due to the popularity of Capella we have their full range of flavourings, knowing they are of high quality and great  taste, we just had to get these in. 

We buy in Capella flavor drops in bulk sizes, making it possible to sell in a range of sizes at really competitive prices. At present we do 10ml, 50ml, 100ml & 472ml bottles. 

All bottles provided from Rainbowvapes come with batch numbers, best before dates except 100mls, but we aim to have these done in the future. We spent a long time creating pictured labels for each flavour, giving a high end look to what we sell. All labels are also waterproof.

New Capella Ranges

Since we started with Capella they have brought out 2 new ranges, one of these is the silverline range. This is their budget range, around 15 flavours to choose from, we have had some good feedback on those. 

Then just recently the Euro range was launched, these have been aimed at the European market, the sweet current is one of those and that's really tasty.

If you have any questions or suggestions of what we could add about this topic, just let us know

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

Capella silverline & Euro series ranges of flavourings

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