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Bad Drip Labs is based in sunny California in the USA, With a high vg base these E-liquids are ideal for sub ohm tanks, the flavours come in a selection of mainly desert, ugly butter consists of fried dough and cinnamon sugar.
There has been a lot of thought in the design of the packaging and labels with these, the labels show images of the dead in detail, whether its a zombie or an evil looking clown it there. They come in a cylinder type container with a wipe cloth, the juices must be that good that the cloth is to wipe off any drooling. Another good thing is the bottle, these must have been custom made, the glass bottles have a smiley face on the bottom of them which I thought was different.
To summarize the E Liquids are called Bad Drip, contain monsters but are actually well made and taste that great you will be drooling.
All Bad Drip E-Liquids come with a free nicotine shot so you can choose from 1.5mg, 3mg or zero if you don't need a shot.