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Fantasi E-liquid

Lime Mojito Ice, Strawberry Ice & More 

When it comes to E-liquid options on the market today, here at Rainbow Vapes we are always ahead of the game and ensure we keep the best liquid options available online in our shop. We strive to stock the ultimate vape liquid for our customers, and a brand such a Fantasi E-liquid is one of those. It is fun, exciting and best of all will leave your taste buds needing to purchase more as soon as possible!

Providing vaping fanatics with a range of exotic, tang based flavours we are sure you will love the balance of supercooled packaging and the incredible sweetness from the flavours. We are confident you will have a full basket all the time with the reviews of the Fantasi E-liquid brand and also once you have tried it yourself! Plus with our free UK delivery on orders over £100, what are you waiting for?

Do You Know About Fantasi E-Liquids?

Fantasi was founded in Malaysia and ever since then, they have based their flavours on famous soft drink manufacturers. You can a vast range of flavours such as; mango, fresh lime juice, lemonade ice, apple ice, mango ice, cherry ice, cola ice, blackberry ice, bruised mint leaves, fizzy soda water and any other famous fizzy drink flavour you can think of. The ice after each flavour is a menthol is what the Malaysian E-liquid company is known for.

Fantasi E-liquids come in a 50ml short bottle size that is ready for you to add your own freebase nicotine strength or salts into. Over the last handful of years, Fantasi E-liquids have expanded their infused liquids to include a menthol free option, based on famous pop you can get watermelon, grape ice, rum and so many more flavours. Your taste buds will be tingling!

Which coil should I use for Fantasi?

When it comes to customers who vape some may be disappointed by the Fantasi E-liquid, this is due to it being a more expensive and thicker balanced liquid, meaning they are designed for sub-ohm coils. If you purchase the thick propylene glycol E-liquid for a different vape, you won't have the full experience of flavour or the depth of the puff. The type of vape kit you have makes a difference when it comes to Fantasi E-liquid. 

When it comes to thick E-liquids we recommend using low resistance coils, this will give you a better experience of the juice.

Contact Rainbow Vapes For More Information

Fantasi E-liquids have taken the world by storm, who thought to create lime mojito ice and put it into a vape liquid? Genius! This amazing fruity drink inspired vape have originated in Malaysia and you can get your hands on them right here in the UK.

Rainbow Vapes bring you these at a competitive price and you can also choose free nicotine shots with a range of flavours. Our top flavours are; strawberry ice, lemonade ice, cherry ice, mango ice, apple ice, blackberry ice and strawberry ice - how incredible do they all sound! 

Available in 50ml short bottle size, they will be perfect for getting fresh combined flavours. With same day dispatch depending on when you order, your Fantasi E-liquid will be with you in no time.

For more information on the range of flavours and also check our stock just give us a call, we are always more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions or queries you might have. We take our customers needs seriously and are always on hand to discuss the best E-liquid for you and your vapour needs.


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