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Kiwi fruit is highly nutritious in it's natural form among many things it contains an import substance for women during pregnancy. They are high in folic acid which is needed to prevent neural tube defects in babies, it also facilitates brain and cognitive development in children. Many women take a folic acid supplement but evidence shows eating enough kiwifruit can be as efficient in providing this. Due to it's high fibre content they're good for constipation too, be careful though an unpleasant side effect of this can also cause diarrhea.

Similar to a grape in taste the kiwifruit is juicy and refreshing and when vaped these can taste sensational especially when mixed with other fruits. Our favourite combination with kiwi is strawberry, It's a great invigorating flavour that quenches your thirst. There are others containing bubblegum and ice among other popular vaping favourites too.

We would advise against vaping while pregnant even with kiwi flavouring due to the content of nicotine in some products.