A fantastic range of premium quality, highly concentrated flavourings meaning you can mix these using only a very small amount of flavour. Manufactured in Europe it took us a long time to find a manufacturer to produce a range of concentrates which we believe are among the best on the market. While these don't seem cheap they are highly concentrated so you need very little percentage to taste so they become no more expensive to use than more inferior brands.

The selection of flavours is excellent, we have tried to limit the range a little to keep the quality, you will find a huge selection of excellent flavours and unlike other brands you will struggle to find a bad one. Among the best sellers are black jack, jam donut and strawberries and cream to name just a few. We have added to the range in 2019 and will be adding more in the future, our favourite at the moment is mango (rub) which is based on a famous mango fizzy drink, it required some steeping but it's awesome.