Aloe Grape Klik Klak Disposable Vape By Element

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Aloe grape 20mg 600 puff Klik Klak disposable by Element combines pungent grape notes with a cooling aloe backdrop, creating a sweet and mellow flavour. You can also start it up a little with one of the other flavours within the range.

Klik Klak is unusual in design due to the magnets integrated within it. Bold and colourful, they stand out and look great as a standalone device when combined with other flavours. The mouthpiece is designed to work well on its own and together, uniting two devices and making them one.

Flavours include super sour, strawberry lemonade and pineapple, and they can be combined with any others; you could take raspberry lemonade and super sour, for example, and bring a candy twist to the zesty, fizzy drink. The liquids inside are manufactured in salt-based nicotine, ensuring precise flavour delivery with no harshness or coil burns.

Ideal for users with no time on their hands or travellers, these need no set-up, charging, or refilling. So, all you need to take with you is the simplistic device and some spare ones in case you run out. There's also no mess as these are sealed, too. 

Kilk Klak by Element has designed a world-first, presenting a collection of intense flavours and giving you the choice of combining them with their innovative click-together technology. The 600-puff device is excellent as a standalone disposable and incorporates a patented magnetic design, enabling users to create up to 55 flavour combinations. 

  • Designed by Element
  • Innovative mix-and-match design
  • Salt strength: 20mg
  • Upto 55 flavour combinations
  • 2ml Of liquid delivering up to 600 puffs
  • TPD compliant

Customer Reviews

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Tracy Cunningham
klik-klac-aloe grape

agggg this has to be the worst flavoured grape ive ever tried. It was bitter and i tried it paired up with the tropical and the super sour it still tasted rotten. I have tried several flavours in this vape and when its good its great but when the tastes bad its bad. Id put this aside with the passion fruit and the tropical, i wasnt fond on these flavours either too bitter for me, but no burntness or anything, infact i came onto order a box of the super sour as one thing i have found about these vapes they dont last long at all. I opened a super sour last night and im not a heavy smoker it was flashing this morning, so i babrely used this vape just the flavour too pungent for my liking.