Blue Raspberry Flavoured Flavour Apprentice Liquid concentrate CLOSE TO OR PASSED BEST BEFORE DATES


Blue Raspberry flavour concentrate for e-liquid is an enticing essence that captures the unique and vibrant taste of ripe raspberries with a delightful twist of blueberry sweetness. It's like vaping a fusion of juicy berries with a hint of tangy goodness.

This concentrate is perfect for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts who want to infuse their vaping experience with the mouthwatering combination of raspberries and blueberries. It combines the sweet and tart notes of raspberries with the distinctive blueberry flavour, creating a bold and fruity profile.

Whether you're crafting your own e-liquids or experimenting with flavour combinations, Blue Raspberry flavour concentrate allows you to enjoy the exciting taste of this berry blend in your vape. Just a few drops of this concentrate can transform your e-liquid base into a refreshing and flavour-packed vape that's perfect for those who crave a berry-infused treat.

Water soluble.

Organic Compliant

Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Glycerin.

Customer Reviews

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Bryn Logan
Worst ever

I but concentrates all the time from rainbow vapes but the blue raspberry was horrendous, it tasted like TCP I had to throw out the 500ml of vape juice I made up.

I have never had this before, really bad

Artur Gostyński
Quality: 5
Value for money: 5


Not a fruit fan, but its awesome

Im more of atobacco lover and dessert lover. But this goes great with creams,vanillas etc.