Blueberry Lemon Novo Bar B600 Disposable Vape


Blueberry lemon 20mg 600 puff Novo B600 disposable vape by Smok, hands us a bunch of chunky blueberries, sweet in taste with a slight sourness to them then adds a tangy lemon hit to the vape, almost like lemonade, just not as sweet. Combined this brings you elements of fruitiness and a tang that compliments beautifully.

This mega compact, little device is great for anyone needing to use the vape privately or discreetly. This becomes invisible when cupped in your hand. Although small, this packs as much of a punch as others due to the modern internals and delivery method. The flavours come out clear, and concise, due to the use of nicotine salt, and the advanced mesh coil that's within the liquid-soaked cotton inside. The salt ensured that the flavours are full and bold due to it being flavourless. This also aids the body in absorbing it, producing a faster hit of nicotine to subside your cravings.

The compact mouthpiece on the B600 ensures the state is delivered smoothly and without disturbance. Vaping it is similar to a cigarette, it uses mouth-to-lung technology which mimics it well. Upon inhaling the device switches on, and then off automatically upon stopping. meaning there is nothing to set up, press, or fill. They create no mess either as they are a sealed unit. Just unwrap, open and go. Being one of the most petite disposables on the market, these are great for travelling and nights out you can easily take more than one with you wherever you may be venturing off to. 

  • Manufactured by¬†Smok
  • bold¬†2-tone design
  • Taste as good as, if not better than they look
  • Salt strength: 20mg
  • compact and robust
  • 2ml Of liquid delivering up to 600 puffs
  • TPD compliant

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Smok what more can i say Great

Strong Prominent Flave and lasts a long time great well Known company good for the Price