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Introducing Coffee Flavour Concentrate, crafted with utmost dedication for both manufacturing and the art of DIY recipe creation.

Hailing from Seattle, where coffee is taken very seriously, this flavour embodies the heart and soul of a rich coffee experience, sometimes with a touch of mint! It delivers a deep coffee flavour with a hint of dark, roasted cocoa. Unlike other coffee flavours that lean towards bitterness and espresso bean-like qualities, this coffee concentrate offers a rich and smoky character. It's ideal for adding a complex and lush background to your recipes or taking centre stage as the featured flavour.

Please note that this product may naturally contain diacetyl.

As a highly concentrated flavouring, it is recommended for mixing at a solution ranging from 2% to 5%, allowing you to create approximately 300ml of robust coffee-infused goodness. It contains zero nicotine and is classified as a GRAS-listed food-grade flavouring. Its non-flavouring components include Propylene Glycol and Ethyl Alcohol.

Elevate your culinary creations with Coffee Flavour Concentrate, adding a touch of UK-inspired sophistication to your DIY recipes. It's the perfect ingredient to infuse your vaping experience with the essence of a finely crafted coffee from the heart of Seattle.

Customer Reviews

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chris adams
Super strong

This can be tasted in some mixes at a really low percentage ( even below 0.1 % ) . About 0.5 % is about as high as I would go . So it's expensive but it'll probably last you your mixing career !! Shake well before use . Perhaps a candidate for making a 10 % dilution .

paul brown
Bitter coffee

Like a Bitter coffee. Its very potent so beware. 1% is what i used in a mix.

Dominic Mitchell

Great flavour. Check out smokey blue on elr for great flavorah recipes