Mango Iced Tea Shortfill E-Liquid By Dinner Lady 50ml

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Mango iced tea shortfill e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a thirst-quenching blend of sweet tea. It creates light floral tones that are complimented by fresh mangos, a bold and super juicy taste. Adding ice adds an extra invigoration to the flavours, making them feel more lifelike.

Dinner Lady comes in a 50ml shortfill bottle; there's 50ml of liquid inside with room to add your choice of nicotine shot. You can vape it as it is in 0mg form, alternatively, adding one 18mg shot to the product will boost the juice to a 3mg strength. We can also supply 9mg ones, creating a 1.5mg hit. The shots are free of charge for each bottle; use the drop-down menu to select the ideal option for you. For a small charge option, a salt nicotine shot is also available; this ensures an unmistakable flavour without any harshness.

This liquid comes in a 70% VG consistency, so it is ideally suited to sub-Ohm vaping and devices with a bit more poke.

Dinner Lady e-liquid is a worldwide brand, and due to its continued success within the industry, it leads the way with its award-winning range of flavours. The brand was established in 2016, and what put them on the map was their Lemon Pie e-liquid, which is as good today as it was then. Continuing from their success in the early years, they have brought us a great range of fruits, sweets, desserts, and tobaccos. All are packed with flavour, delivering a lifelike taste throughout the choice.

  • 50ml of liquid in a 60ml bottle
  • add nicotine shots to create your strength
  • available as 0mg, 1.5mg and 3mg
  • nicotine shot provided¬†free of charge where required
  • 70% VG, 30% PG blend
  • great for sub Ohm vaping
  • manufactured by Dinner Lady, an Award-winning brand since 2016
  • tamper-evident seal

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Tighten your bottles up before you send them out leaking like a mo fucker