Dovpo Variant RDA


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Variant RDA was created by Brian from The Vapor Chronicles' YouTube channel. The Variant RDA matches the Topside Lite Mod well and is built for creating clouds of vapour, implementing a sizeable quad post build deck top side secured via hex screws, multi-hole airflow control system, and can be paired with a squonking device to fully utilize the bottom fed squonking abilities of the DOVPO Variant RDA. Featuring large drop-in style terminals, the Variant RDA can accept coils with a more considerable coil lead or diameter, facilitating exotic and wild coil builds. In addition, the Variant 24mm RDA build deck can accommodate a dual coil build, effectively doubling the output of the rebuildable atomizer. Furthermore, the DOVPO Variant 24mm RDA has a multi-hole airflow system that is adjustable via a knurled top cap; the Variant can adjust and meter how much airflow goes through the RDA for cloud creation. At the base of the DOVPO Variant RDA is a threaded 510 connection, offering the choice for standard usage or it can attach a bottom-fed squonking attachment to allow for easier use.

25mm Diameter
Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
Quad Post Build Deck - 1 Terminal Per Post
Top Side Secured via Hex Screws
Dual Coil Configuration
PEEK Insulator
Direct-To-Coil Airflow Control System
Knurled Airflow Adjustment Top Cap
Multi Hole Airflow Control System - 2 x 8 Column of Bored Holes
Optional Squonk BF Pin
Threaded 510 Connection

In The Box

1x Tri-Tool
1x Set of Replacement O-Rings
1x Hex Screws
1x User Manual
1x QC Certificate

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
P Smith
Shorts because screws are too long

Yep I keep getting "short atomizer" warning and it's because the screws are too long and hit the inner airflow adjustment on the top cap.
Why they've left the screws so long they stick out so far is beyond me. I guess if you only use flat wire it would be fine. But using Claptons the screws just stick out too far?!?
Bit disappointed, but it is still usable.
Second fault I've found is my base is grey on one half and gunmetal, which matches the top, on the other half. Don't know how they got two different colours onto the base? It looks odd grey against gunmetal!
Thirdly they have the posts that high the build is right up close to the topcap and drip tip. If you aren't careful it will burn your mouth, with the coils so close to the top there.
But aside from those three issues,it works.
I don't think it's very good as a Squonker as the coils are so high and your cotton has to be very long , so it relies heavily on capillary action. Better to have a lower coil placement like the 'screamer' or 'recurve dual'. They are decent squonkers.
But this 'variant' rda works best as a dripper in my view. That's if you can get past the dodgy paint finish maybe just on mine?, the screws shorting out on the airflow adjustment and the high coil placement making it better for dripping only.

Sam Dawson
Drop v2

A lot like the drop rda but better built with angled posts and slightly different airflow, highly recommend

William P
Underrated RDA

There hasn't been much said about this RDA and I only discovered it when I bought a topside lite kit. I enjoyed it so much I bought another one. It is basically an updated version of the Drop RDA with a clever 510 pin that you open and close depending on whether you are using it as a squonker or as a dripper. Very easy to use, good flavour and very good price. Highly recommended.