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Introducing Ginger Flavour Concentrate, expertly crafted for both manufacturing and the art of DIY recipe creation.

This concentrate captures the vibrant essence of fresh ginger root, offering a sweet ginger ale flavour that's both brisk and bubbly. There's even a subtle floral undertone to add a touch of complexity. It's the ideal choice for crafting delightful beverages like the classic Dark and Stormy or for a truly unique and refreshing all-day vape (ADV).

Ginger, like other spice flavours, is often overlooked in juice recipes, but it has so much to offer. Elevate your culinary creations with Ginger Flavour Concentrate, adding a dash of UK-inspired sophistication to your DIY recipes. It's the perfect ingredient to infuse your vaping experience with the zesty, invigorating taste of ginger.

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chris adams

Hmmm not ground ginger nor fresh root ginger , perhaps more like ginger ale ? Use as an accent in bakeries like a cobbler or crumble with fruit like rhubarb or peach . Or in a tea or cocktail to give it a bit of zing - about 0.2 to 0.5 % in a mix .

Amazing aroma

I got this concentrate to make the recipe Ardent (by Loonicorn), but what struck me immediately was the aroma from the bottle.

Flavorah mention that this is like a ginger syrup that is useful for making beverages etc, and that's what it reminded me of - a hot drink that I like from a cafe in Glastonbury.

It's not quite a straight ginger taste (like a ginger root for example), although it does that quite well, but it is more a very unique floral sort of ginger that is hard to describe until you've tried it for yourself.