Lychee Ice Aroma King Disposable Vape

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Lyhee Ice 20mg 600 puff disposable vape bar by Aroma King is an exotically delicious vape; the tropical fruit is mimicked well in this one, delivering the unique taste of the strange fruit with a cooling throat hit of ice as a backdrop.

The flavour and vapour are provided by a salt nicotine-based system within the device; this ensures the flavour isn't tainted or made harsh. The salt also possesses properties that mean absorption to the body is faster than standard nicotine, meaning you receive the hit at a more rapid timescale. Simplicity is standard without needing chargers, liquids or maintenance; it's also sealed, so there is no mess. Resulting in an ideal choice for beginners or those of you who are too busy to faff around with a more traditional e-cig.

Hailing from Manchester in the UK, the Aroma King Bar uses mouth-to-lung technology with this device, which will be close to how a cigarette is inhaled. Upon inhaling, the device will turn on and light up the coil inside, delivering flavour until you stop; at this point, it cuts out automatically, too. These simple, no-fuss devices need no filling, charging or maintenance; open it up, and you're away.

  • From Aroma King based in the UK
  • 20mg nicotine strength
  • 550mah battery
  • up to 600 puffs
  • 2.0ml of salt nicotine
  • TPD reg compliance

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    Tastes and smells exactly like lychee:) they didn’t disappoint. This was the first aroma king vape I’ve tried and would defo give their other flavours a try cause this was really good