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Introducing Milk Chocolate Flavour Concentrate, meticulously crafted for both manufacturing and the art of DIY recipe creation.

This concentrate delivers a delightful front-end milk chocolate flavour, followed by a drier cocoa finish. It harmonises beautifully with our Chocolate Deutche, mocha, and coffee flavours. For those who've wrestled with achieving the perfect chocolate note in their recipes, this chocolate is a game-changer.

Elevate your culinary creations with Milk Chocolate Flavour Concentrate, adding a touch of UK-inspired refinement to your DIY recipes. It's the ideal ingredient to infuse your vaping experience with the rich and velvety taste of milk chocolate, offering a delightful blend of milkiness and cocoa depth.

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Smells like Hersheys syrup!

Bitter style chocolate, but still useful

This chocolate resembles more to the dark-type-chocolate . It is quite forgiving and is versatile from 0,3%-1,6% . It can be softer with some light creams, but if you want a more of a light cocoa milk chocolate then use this one low ( 0,3%) with some SA chocolate milk (~2-2,5%) and you are set to go

James Spring

This reminded me of chocolate milkshake syrup more than actual milk chocolate, but seeing as I wanted it to make milkshake with, that wasn't a problem. Can see how it might disappoint slightly if you wanted a chocolate bar taste though. It is a perfectly decent flavour, with no latex/chalk/powder off notes, but it's not quite the magic chocolate bullet to replace the old Inawera milk chocolate (RIP). It is very strong, use under 1%.