Passion Fruit Flavoured Flavour Apprentice Liquid concentrate CLOSE TO OR PASSED BEST BEFORE DATES


"Passion Fruit Flavour Concentrate for E-Liquid by The Flavors Apprentice" is an essence that captures the exotic and sweet-tart taste of passion fruit. This product is expertly crafted by The Flavors Apprentice, a trusted name in e-liquid flavourings.

This concentrate is ideal for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts who want to infuse their vaping experience with the distinctive and fruity flavour of passion fruit. It replicates the vibrant and tangy notes of passion fruit, known for its unique combination of sweetness and tartness. Passion fruit is often enjoyed for its tropical and refreshing taste, making it a great choice for those who appreciate the authentic and exotic flavour of passion fruit in their vape.

Whether you're creating your own e-liquids or experimenting with flavour combinations, Passion Fruit Flavour Concentrate by The Flavors Apprentice allows you to enjoy the high-quality and authentic taste of passion fruit in your vape. Just a few drops of this concentrate can transform your e-liquid base into a fruity and tropical vape, and you can trust the quality and expertise that The Flavors Apprentice brand is known for.

Water soluble.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Triacetin


Customer Reviews

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Mike Mead
Not the best

It's not bad but ok would not try as a standalone


Nice flavour goes well with fruit mixes


I didnt find this one had much flavor give it a try its not horrible it adds a little something to your mix