Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry Salt E-Liquid By Element 10ml

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Pink grapefruit & blueberry Salt E-Liquid By Element. This e-liquid combines the lifelike flavours of ripe blueberries and mellow grapefruit. The sugary sourness of pink grapefruit comes through immediately; while not too sweet, it pairs well with the blueberries and is incredibly intense.

Available in 10mg and 20mg, these salt-based e-liquids deliver an intense but smooth flavour. The salt also doesn't affect the taste, making them less harsh than traditional forms of e-liquid.

The flavour profiles are delivered through a 50% VG combination, which is great for smaller devices, including pens and pods. It is also excellent for use with mouth-to-lung devices, as they produce smaller amounts of clouds but with a more significant amount of flavour.

Element has been manufactured in the USA since 2014. These are their range of original award-winning flavours. Various fruits, tobaccos and sweet treats are crafted with incredible realism from the lifelike flavour profiles within them. These liquids come in a 50% VG combination, which is excellent for smaller devices, including pods and pens. These are ideal for mouth-to-lung devices as they produce smaller amounts of clouds but with excellent flavour intensity and high nicotine content.

  • 10ml liquid with dripper tip integrated
  • available¬†in 10mg or 20mg
  • 50% VG, 50% PG blend
  • Ideal for¬†smaller devices and tanks
  • manufactured¬†by¬†Element in the¬†USA

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I was pleasantly surprised by the rich and authentic flavor of this e-liquid. It's a perfect blend of sweetness and smoothness, making every puff a delightful experience.