Raspberry Coconut Vanilla E-Liquid By Rainbowvapes (40vg 60pg) (60ml)

Nicotine content

Raspberry Coconut Vanilla E-Liquid By Rainbowvapes. If you love cocktail-style blends, you are sure to like this flavour. You get a juicy inhale of raspberries, closely followed by coconut, which adds a pleasant creaminess to the blend, while vanilla whipped cream features through the taste to exhale. This blend was inspired by a night on the town in a high-end cocktail bar; the mix was absolutely on point and perfectly replicated the drink. 

The Rainbowvapes 40VG 60PG range is a 40%VG base, which is fantastic for use with smaller mouth-to-lung devices, including pods and pens; these deliver lifelike flavours and smaller amounts of clouds than those of thicker blends.

The liquids are available in 5 strengths, all of which include the nicotine shots required to vape them free of charge:

  • 0mg: You will receive 1 x 60ml bottle containing 60ml of nicotine free liquid.
  • 1.5mg you will receive 1 x 60ml bottle containing 50ml of liquid leaving space to add 1 x 10ml nicotine shot.
  • 3mg you will receive 1 x 60ml bottle containing 50ml of liquid leaving space to add 1 x 10ml nicotine shot.
  • 6mg¬†you will receive 1 x 60ml bottle containing 40ml of liquid leaving space to add 2 x 10ml nicotine shots.
  • 12mg¬†you will receive 1 x 60ml bottle containing 20ml of liquid leaving space to add 4 x 10ml nicotine shots.

Based in North Yorkshire, in the UK, Rainbowvapes is proud to offer an extensive selection of high-quality e-liquids with delicious flavours. We have spent significant time perfecting these recipes to ensure each hit provides an exceptional vaping experience. Our focus on removing any flavourings that might taint the taste or make it harsh, as well as our decision to exclude added sweeteners, ensures that our e-liquids provide rich, realistic flavours that prolong the life of your coil.

Being meticulously tested for taste, we provide just the right amount of flavouring, and these e-liquids bring to life the flavours of individual fruits, sweet candies, decadent dessert offerings, and bold tobacco blends. When purchasing our ranges, you can be sure you receive a liquid of the highest quality that tastes as it should; the help of over ten years of experience perfecting blends has helped us become one of the most well-loved e-liquid brands in the UK.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lee Swann
Excellent as always

Great liquids, quick delivery and excellent price, thank you once again


You really get beautiful full Raspberry scent first, followed by a pleasant discreet coconut aroma.
Nearly the best I've tasted up to now from Rainbow Vapes.


Love this. Everyone has there own taste but this for me is mixed very well. Even diluted down to a 6mg I still can taste every flavour. The raspberry comes through less but is there. This is a great summer vapes.