Strawberry Waffles Shortfill E-Liquid By Dessert Splash 100ml (BB 04/23)

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Strawberry waffles Shortfill E-liquid by Dessert Splash. Unites a luscious strawberry jam with rich butteriness from freshly fried waffles creating a decadent taste of the seaside treat on inhale and exhale.

Dessert Splash arrives to you in a richly coloured and vibrant 120ml recyclable shortfill bottle containing 100ml of ready-to-use nicotine-free e-liquid. By adding two 18mg shots to the liquid, which are free, the liquid becomes 3mg in strength. 1.5mg is also a choice which is the result of adding 2 x 9mg nic shots. Now available for a small charge is the addition of vape salt, which delivers a smoother experience along with a more direct hit of nicotine.

Dessert Splash e-liquid is mixed in the UK by Wizard vapes. This range provides us with classic bakery-style recipes, delivering guilt-free puffs of dessert-inspired flavours from strawberry-laced waffles to blueberry pancakes. A 70% VG content delivers copious amounts of flavour and clouds when combined with a device that is more potent in power and size.

  • add your own nic shots to create a 120ml liquid
  • available in 0mg, 1.5mg, and 3mg
  • salt shots also available for a small charge
  • 70% VG 30% PG
  • Made in the¬†UK by¬†Wizard vapes
  • tamper-proof top

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Darren Ford

It's a nice vape but does need more strawberry inhale and less waffle