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Experience the exotic blend of tropical fruits with Tiki Roar Water Soluble Flavoring. This delightful fusion of sweet and tropical flavours adds a touch of tranquillity to your culinary creations.

Our Tiki Roar Water Soluble Flavoring is crafted from a combination of Natural and Artificial Flavoring and Propylene Glycol, meeting the high standards of USP Kosher Grade Flavoring.

Whether you're creating food and drinks, desserts, pastries, baked treats, candies, or more, the Tiki Roar flavour will transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise, offering a sense of calmness and ultimate relaxation.

With a Specific Gravity of 1.08, this flavouring is easy to work with and allows you to achieve the perfect balance of flavour in your recipes. To maintain its quality, store it in a cool, dry place with a temperature range of 68°F to 77°F, away from direct sunlight.

Please note that refunds are not available for this flavouring product.

Additional Information:

  • Part Number: FW-TIK
  • Flavour/Aroma: Tropical Fruit
  • Colour: Clear
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool (68° - 77° F) dry place out of direct sunlight to preserve its quality.
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Density at 77°F: 9.33 lbs./gallon
  • Solubility: Soluble in water, making it versatile for various culinary applications.

Bottle size : 10ml

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Roman Schoenherr

perfect Flavor for best Liquid