VMT Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape (BB 04/24)


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VMT 20mg 600 puff BM600 disposable vape by Lost Mary. A super fruity combination of berries and fruits is united with a luscious fizz and a sugary backdrop.

The BM600 Is yet another Lost Mary device that delivers on, reliability and most importantly taste. The nicotine salt they use carries the flavours in a more natural way than traditional nicotine, without harshness or tainting the flavour in any way. Inside the device, the salt liquid is housed in a pod, soaked into layers of superior cotton. within this is a sophisticated mesh coil. The level of flavour in these is immense, there aren't many brands that can rival it in our opinion.

Stout and compact, these chunky little vapes are no bigger than a matchbox but still contain the same amount of liquid and power of much bigger devices. Becoming almost invisible with larger hands, you can be discreet in public places. 

As with all Lost Mary disposables, it's high-quality, reliable, and robust, delivering flavour-filled puffs to the last drag. These use mouth-to-lung technology which mimics the way a cigarette is taken in. As you inhale the device automatically turns on, and then turns off when you're finished. The result of this means there are no buttons, or set-up required, just unwrap and go. As with all disposables, you need no accessories, so if you're travelling you've no messy liquids to take, chargers or coils, just the vape, yourself, and maybe a few spares for when you run out too.

  • Manufactured by¬†Lost Mary¬†
  • Super compact stealth design
  • great flavour profile
  • 20mg nicotine strength
  • 2ml Of liquid delivering up to 600 puffs
  • TPD compliant

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karl Pennington

Great little puffer

Good quality

Good quality for the price lacking in taste and not very strong.

Scott Poole

Good for the money but not the strongest flavour