Watermelon Ice Vapengin Mercury Disposable Vape

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Watermelon ice 20mg 600 puff  Mercury disposable vape by Vapengin, combines the exotic taste of tropical watermelon, refreshing and mouth-watering with an ice cold hit of menthol, which brings a welcoming frost to the already fresh flavour.

The Vapengin mercury range brings us a unique design, while many brands go for a pen-like device, these constitute of 2 cylinders within a very compact housing similar to that of a matchbox. The first cylinder contains a battery and the associated wiring, and the second houses the e-liquid pod and mesh coil along with a mouthpiece that's a very comfortable design and easy to vape. Upon tasting the disposable from their range we noticed how instant the flavour was upon inhaling, the flavour intensity is immense, and seemingly the delivery is constant.

The flavours within the devices range from sweet fruits to candies and iced varieties. All of which are manufactured in a salt nicotine form. This is great as it doesn't taint the taste of the flavours or make them harsh at all. Other advantages are the instant delivery these provide to your cravings as it's faster to absorb into the body.

The super, uber, simplicity of the Vapengin uses mouth-to-lung technology which mimics a cigarette very closely. It's simple, just inhale on the mouthpiece and the device switches on and delivers the flavour-filled vaper until inhaling is seized. Then it automatically turns off. Once the device expires, dispose of it and open another. Without settings of buttons, these need no accessories or charging, meaning you can go anywhere without the thought or need to take anything with you. Ideal for travelling or newbies this is something you can enjoy, just remember to take a spare for when it runs out.

  • made by Vapengin
  • intense flavour delivery
  • inhale activated / auto off
  • 20mg nicotine strength
  • 500mah battery
  • unique dual cylinder design
  • 2ml Of liquid delivering up to 600 puffs
  • TPD compliant

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Robert Baxter

Very Very good