August 16, 2020 2 min read

Common problems with eliquid
So what problems occur with e-liquids?

  • Why is an E-liquid harsh
  • -The nicotine is too strong
  • -There is too much pg in the eliquid for the tank been used
  • -The flavour is a harsh flavouring
  • Why Can’t I taste the flavour in my e-liquid
  • -The vg base is too high for the tank being used.
  • -Everyone has different taste buds and can pick up some flavours more than others.
  • -Higher content nicotine can affect the taste.
  • My Bottle of e-liquid is leaking
  • -Just get in touch, send it back and we will refund your postage cost & if we have another in stock we will send another out.
  • I don’t like my e-liquid
  • -Unfortunately we don’t refund e-liquids on taste as we don’t offer a taste and return service, if it is our own e-liquids will will try one from the last batch to make sure it tastes how it should.
  • I feel dizzy or sick
  • -If you feel dizzy its more than likely the nicotine, using too high a content can make your head spin
  • -If you feel sick stop using the e-liquid, some people are allergic to pg that is in e-liquid, some flavours do contain allergens so be careful on the flavour you choose, an example is some citrus type and cola flavourings used in e-liquid can contain limonene.
  • -Its worth getting in touch with a doctor before using e-liquid and if you get any bad reactions see the doctor straight away

Why Do I have 18mg Nicotine Shots when I ordered 3mg

  • -In a 60ml bottle you have 50ml of liquid already, when adding the nicotine it is a 6th of the mix, so the nicotine is diluted to 3mg. Very easy just divide the 18/6=3, the same principle works for other sized bottles.

Why are e-liquids different colours

  • 1). Nicotine can turn a liquid darker over time
  • 2). Flavour concentrates come in different colours
  • 3). Dyes may have been added to the e-liquid.

Which E-Liquid do I need for sub ohm tanks?
Sub ohm tanks will work perfectly with 70vg 30pg e-liquids as well as 80vg 20pg e-juices.

5 Reasons Why my e liquid tastes burnt
There are a few reasons why e liquid can taste burnt

  • 1). Change Coil, all coils have a lifespan, some coils last a few days and some can last a few weeks, it all depends on the tank the coils come from. The solution is to replace the coil
  • 2). The wattage is too high, having the wattage too high will burn the eliquid, turn the wattage down & try again.
  • 3). Your tank is empty, this is an obvious one, we have all done it and got that burnt taste because of not filling the tank.
  • 4). Wrong base, if you add a high vg eliquid into a tank that is designed for a high pg eliquid you will find that it may taste burnt.
  • 5). Re-coil, if you build your own coils a poor build may stop the cotton absorbing the liquid, in this case build another coil.

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