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Rainbowvapes Intense Fizzy Base Flavour Concentrate is a versatile and essential component for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts in the UK. It serves as a foundational element for creating a wide range of fizzy and carbonated beverage-inspired vape flavours. This concentrate replicates the effervescent and bubbly qualities found in various fizzy drinks, making it an ideal choice for crafting your own soda, cola, or sparkling beverage-flavoured e-liquids.

Here's a detailed description of Rainbowvapes Intense Fizzy Base Flavour Concentrate:

1. Effervescent Sensation: The primary characteristic of this concentrate is its ability to impart a fizzy and effervescent sensation to your e-liquids. It captures the essence of carbonation, providing that delightful and tingly feeling on the palate that is typically associated with fizzy beverages.

2. Versatile Usage: Rainbowvapes Intense Fizzy Base is an incredibly versatile flavour concentrate that can be used in various ways when creating your DIY e-liquids:

  • Fizzy Drink Replication: As the name suggests, this concentrate is perfect for replicating the taste and sensation of fizzy drinks. Whether you're aiming for a cola, lemon-lime soda, or any other sparkling beverage flavour, this concentrate forms the foundation for your creation.

  • Flavour Enhancement: DIY vapers can use this concentrate to enhance and add a fizzy twist to other flavour profiles. For example, you can combine it with fruit flavours to create fizzy fruit sodas or incorporate it into dessert recipes for a unique fizzy dessert experience.

  • Customization: You have full control over the concentration of this concentrate in your e-liquid recipes. Adjust the quantity to achieve your desired level of fizzy sensation, whether you prefer a subtle hint of carbonation or a more pronounced effervescence.

3. Authentic Fizzy Experience: Rainbowvapes Intense Fizzy Base is known for delivering an authentic fizzy experience. It captures the bubbles and effervescence found in carbonated beverages, providing a true-to-life sensation when vaped.

4. Creativity Unleashed: With this concentrate, you can unleash your creativity by crafting unique fizzy drink-inspired e-liquids. Experiment with various fruit, cola, or flavour combinations to create your signature fizzy vape.

5. Carbonated Refreshment: Vaping e-liquids featuring Rainbowvapes Intense Fizzy Base allows you to enjoy the refreshing and tingling sensation of fizzy drinks without the calories or sugar. It's a fun and refreshing way to experience your favourite beverage flavours.

In summary, Rainbowvapes Intense Fizzy Base Flavour Concentrate is a must-have for DIY vapers in the UK who want to create fizzy and carbonated beverage-inspired e-liquids. It offers the distinctive and authentic sensation of carbonation, making it an essential tool for crafting fizzy drink flavours that tingle the palate. Whether you're a fan of cola, lemon-lime soda, or other sparkling beverages, this concentrate provides the foundation to replicate those beloved fizzy sensations in your vape. With Rainbowvapes Intense Fizzy Base, you have the creative freedom to design your fizzy drink-inspired e-liquids and enjoy the refreshing and effervescent qualities of your favourite beverages in vape form.

(mix between 3-5%)



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Glen Smith
Fizzy Base

Give your elquid a different dimension. Good juice additive